Commercial Electrical Fire Prevention

Commercial electrical outlet on fire

Commercial Building Electrical Fire Prevention

Electrical fire prevention in a commercial office building starts at the very beginning during initial planning, design and installation. As a business owner or property manager it is your responsibility to schedule an annual safety inspection to ensure the wiring, outlets, circuit breakers and electrical components are in proper working order to prevent fires and maintain code compliance. EP Electric LLC and our team of licensed electricians specialize in commercial electrical fire prevention inspections and repairs. Electrical fire prevention is a very serious matter that cannot be overlooked. If you have not had your system checked within the last year call our Philadelphia electricians right away at 215-433-5004.

Tips to Prevent Electrical Fire in Commercial Property

Besides your annual inspection there are several things you can do as a property owner to ensure your commercial building is safe and protect your employees and clients against the threat of an electrical fire. First and foremost, all commercial buildings must be equipped with AFCI (arc fault circuit interrupter) and GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) outlets and circuit breakers. These devices will respond to overloads, short circuits and arcing conditions in order to prevent shocks, electrocutions and fires. Secondly, you should perform your own periodic inspections to check for burnt outlets, flickering lights, damaged cords and electronic devices which are all signs of a dangerous electrical situation that must be addressed right away.

Electrical Repairs & Installation Services for Fire Prevention

Old and newer buildings alike are susceptible to electrical damage that can cause fires. Wiring can crack due to age, chewed through by rodents and/or contaminated by moisture, which cannot be seen or detected easily. Circuit breakers can overload when too much amperage is transmitted than the device can handle. Loose electrical connections can cause overheating and results in a burning electrical smell. Each of these hazards poses a threat to the safety of your building, staff members and clients. The highly experienced and licensed electricians at EP Electric LLC can evaluate your electrical system and suggest repairs or upgrades to ensure your building is protected against fires.

Call EP Electric LLC today to schedule your commercial electrical fire prevention inspection. Once our evaluation is complete we will provide a thorough overview of our findings and repair suggestions including a pricing estimate. Our electricians are available throughout Philadelphia, Bucks County, Chester County, Delaware County PA and the surrounding areas.  


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