100/200 Residential AMP Service Panel

EP Electric LLC Residential AMP Service Panel Upgrade Bucks County PA

Residential AMP Service Panel Upgrades

As technology, devices and appliances continue to upgrade, the electrical output in your home may not be able to keep up with this newer, more sophisticated equipment. Amperage (AMP) is used to measure the total electrical current that can run continuously in one time and place. If more AMP is transferred across wires than a circuit can handle the circuit overloads. If you find your circuits are overloading and fuses are constantly popping it is time to consider upgrading your current amperage. EP Electric LLC can inspect your current usage and determine if it is time for an AMP service panel upgrade. Call 215-433-5004 to schedule an appointment today.

100 AMP Service Panel: Repair & Replacement Service

Many older homes run sufficiently on a 100 AMP panel, but eventually they need to be replaced, especially if you’re planning on remodeling the home. You want to make sure your wiring and all important electrical components are up to code and will pass inspection. The replacement circuit breaker boxes we install are never reconditioned; they are brand new from reputable electrical supply stores to ensure quality and safety. The licensed and certified electricians at EP Electric LLC are also trained to repair old wiring in your 100 AMP panel; a copper grounding pole will also be installed for added protection of your electrical equipment.

200 AMP Service Panel Upgrades

If your home already has a 200 AMP panel installed, our experienced electricians are available for repairs, replacement and maintenance services. If you’re thinking of upgrading from your older electric system to a new, more efficient 200 AMP service panel, there are many benefits for your home, appliances and devices. The biggest advantage to this upgraded panel is the increased safety. A 200 AMP panel offers protection against overloads and electrical fire. Further, you have the flexibility to run several devices at the same time and continue to grow and add various appliances without the fear of your power shorting out.

Call EP Electric LLC at 215-433-5004 to discuss if a 100 or 200 AMP upgrade is the right decision for your home. Our licensed electricians are available for AMP service panel installations, repairs and replacement services in Philadelphia, Bucks County, Montgomery County, Chester County and the surrounding communities. We are also available for electrical safety inspections, lighting upgrades, security system installation, ceiling or attic fans and much more. 


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