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Commercial Burning Smell Electrician Philadelphia

Discovering an unexpected burning smell coming from the electrical outlets in your commercial building or retail space is a scary and potentially dangerous situation for yourself, employees and customers. Immediately upon the detection you should evacuate all non-essential personnel and call an emergency commercial electrician. A burning smell coming from commercial outlets not only has the potential to ruin highly valuable inventory or computer systems, but can start an electrical fire in your building. At EP Electric LLC, our highly trained and experienced emergency electricians are equipped to detect the root of the burning smell and take the proper, efficient course of action for repair. Contact our electricians 24/7 at 215-433-5004.

Commercial Property Electrical Outlets Burning Smell

There are a variety of factors that can contribute to you experiencing a burning smell in your commercial building. The most common problems our electricians see when dispatched to an emergency burning smell service include:

-Wiring not properly installed
-Foreign object or intruder (rodent) stuck in electrical box
-Overloaded circuits
-Exposed wires

At the first detection of a burning smell or if your outlets appear to be charred or burnt, call the fire department and our emergency electricians right away! As a further precautionary measure, we recommend finding the outlet where the smell is coming from and shutting off electricity from the breaker box.

Emergency 24/7 Commercial Electrician

When you call EP Electric LLC for an emergency burning smell service at your commercial property, our professional, licensed electricians will arrive armed with all of the proper tools, materials and equipment. This artillery ensures we can quickly and accurately find the source of the burn smell, diagnose the problem and make all necessary repairs. Solutions generally include installing new wire, repairing existing wires or the installations of new electrical components such as switches & outlets or even a new breaker box. Our electricians will also check for further electric issues or outdated components that may need immediate repair or replacement.

Since burning smells almost always occur due to outdated outlets, make sure you know the telltale signs you’re due for an outlet replacement. EP Electric LLC is available 24/7 for emergency electric repairs and commercial power restoration services. Our electricians proudly serve residents and business owners in Philadelphia, Bucks County, Chester County, Delaware County and Montgomery County. Call 215-433-5004 for emergencies or general electrical repairs, upgrades or maintenance.


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