Emergency Commercial Electrical Outlet Repair

EP Electric LLC Emergency Commercial Building Outlet Repair Philadelphia

Commercial Emergency Electrical Outlet Repair

Your commercial building is equipped with hundreds of electrical components from wiring to lighting, ceiling fans, circuit breakers, security systems and much more. Of all these fixtures, electrical outlets are by far one of the most dangerous. Temperature fluctuations and circuit overloads can cause an electrical fire, which poses a threat to the safety of your property, staff and clients. EP Electric LLC is available for emergency electrical outlet repair in your commercial building in Bucks County, Philadelphia, Montgomery County & the surrounding areas. Call 215-433-5004 if your electrical switches & outlets are sparking, emitting a burning smell or burnt faceplate or frequently malfunctioning.

Emergency Outlet Repair for Commercial Buildings

When electrical wiring meets with fixtures, switches, outlets and receptacles the temperature fluctuations cause the material to expand & contract. These constant contractions weaken the connections over time. Further, older outlets cannot handle today’s modern electrical output triggering circuit overloads. Businesses need the ability to safely power up dozens of computers, printers, cell phone chargers, lighting, communication systems and more. Your electrical outlets must be able to handle all of these devices plugged in and running at one time. Immediately upon noticing sparking, smoking or shocks from your outlets, call EP Electric LLC for an emergency electrical outlet repair service.

Commercial Outlet Repair & Installation Services

It is not uncommon for wiring inside your commercial building’s electrical outlets to decay from moisture, rodent bites, age and overall wear & tear. If you notice frequent malfunctioning, buzzing noise, loss of power or loose connections it is time for your outlets to be replaced. At EP Electric LLC we not only specialize in emergency electrical outlet repair, but replacement and new installation services as well. We can evaluate your space to help you determine how many additional outlets are needed to handle your electronic devices. Further, our commercial electricians can help decide which outlets are best including GFCI, AFCI, recessed outlets, floor outlets and more.

Impaired and deteriorated outlets produce the potential for electrical fires in your commercial property. To ensure the safety of your employees, staff members and in-person clients, schedule an electrical safety inspection every year. Our highly experienced electricians will inspect your electrical components, including outlets, to ensure your building is safe and code compliant. To discuss upgrades to your switches & outlets or any emergency repairs needed, call 215-433-5004 to speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable team members.


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