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EP Electric LLC Commercial Building Breaker Panel Upgrade Philadelphia

Commercial Electrical Panel Upgrade Philadelphia

An electrical panel is the heartbeat of your commercial businesses’ electricity system. It provides and regulates all of the electricity into your building to power your machines, equipment, computers, lights, HVAC system and more. A properly functioning commercial electrical panel is vital for the safety of your business and employees. EP Electric LLC offers quality commercial electrical panel upgrades and maintenance services for businesses in Philadelphia and the surrounding areas. If your panel has not been inspected or updated in some time, 10+ years, it is important to give us a call for an inspection. We’ll thoroughly evaluate your business’ electrical panel to determine if it needs to be repaired or completely upgraded.

Commercial Business Electrical Panel Upgrade

Since your panel regulates the electricity through your entire business, it must be running at full efficiency at all times. If too much energy is flowing on a wire or circuit and your outdated panel cannot properly regulate the temperature a fire can start. There are several indicators it is time to update your businesses’ electric panel:

  1. Age: 25+ year old panels must be upgraded to more efficient models
  2. Crackling Noises
  3. Corrosion/Rust
  4. Warm to the touch
  5. Equipment/Appliances not running at full capacity

If you’re experiencing any of these issues, call EP Electric LLC today to discuss upgrade options. Your old commercial electrical panel can soon begin to malfunction, overload circuits, trip the breakers and eventually cause a fire, if updated options are not pursued quickly.

EP Electric LLC Commercial Building Breaker Panel Maintenance Bucks County PA
EP Electric LLC Commercial Breaker Panel Maintenance Bucks County PA

Commercial Panel Maintenance Service

Upon a thorough evaluation from our certified, highly trained commercial electricians, we’ll determine if just a maintenance repair service is sufficient to fix any issues with your electrical panel. During the inspection our technicians will evaluate the panel, check for burnt wires, damaged circuits, moisture and corrosion. Finally, we’ll compare the panel to the scope of your entire businesses’ system and electrical demands to make sure it can sufficiently regulate the electricity. If it is determined repairs are necessary, we’ll discuss the details including price and timeframe. Panel maintenance repairs include rewiring, installing additional circuits, relocating the panel and more. These minor repairs will ensure your panel performs to the most efficient standards and delays an upgrade.

EP Electric LLC offers commercial panel upgrades and maintenance repairs throughout Philadelphia, Bucks County, Montgomery County and the surrounding areas. For an evaluation of your electrical panel system, call 215-433-5004 to schedule an appointment.


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