Residential Electrical Repairs

EP Electric LLC Residential Electric Repair Services Philadelphia

Residential Electrical Repair Philadelphia

EP Electric LLC is a locally-owned and operated residential electric repair business proudly serving customers in the Philadelphia area. When you hire a company to come to your home to diagnose and fix your electric problems you have to be able to trust them. Each member of our electrician team is trained, certified and has passed background checks to ensure the integrity of our company and safety of our clients. We pride ourselves on offering fast diagnostics and efficient repairs for a number of residential electrical repair problems. From a blown fuse to outlet replacement, breaker panel repair, indoor/outdoor lighting installation and so much more, our residential electricians will get the job done right, the first time. Call 215-433-5004 to discuss your electric repair needs.

Electric Diagnostic & Repair Services

The professional electricians at EP Electric LLC are certified and trained to inspect, diagnose and repair a wide variety of electrical problems throughout your home. An electric diagnostic service includes a consultation and visual inspection, then at least one hour to thoroughly inspect and troubleshoot to properly find the issue. Once found, our electricians will determine the best course for repair and discuss it with you before continuing on with the service. Diagnostic and repair services are available for panel boxes, meters, wiring, wall outlets, lighting, surge protectors and all other residential electrical component. If your home’s electric wiring or parts are old & outdated, the best course of action will include a repair, plus an upgrade in order to stay compliant and up-to-date with safety protocols.

EP Electric LLC Residential Electrical Repairs Bucks County PA
EP Electric LLC Emergency Home Electrical Repairs Philadelphia

Emergency Residential Electrical Repair Services

Many times you cannot predict or foresee an electric issue, which is why EP Electric LLC offers 24 hour emergency residential electrical repair services in Philadelphia. When it comes to electrical components and wiring, it is always better to be safe and overcautious. No matter what day or time, if you suspect you have a serious electric problem including electrical burning smell, power outage or tripped circuit breaker, call our electricians right away.

Residential Maintenance Services

Since electric problems can arise out of nowhere, inspections offer a way to catch dangerous or costly electric problems before they become expensive and/or disastrous. A full home electrical inspection by a professional general electrician should be done every 5 years, more often if your home is older. If you have not had a maintenance check done to your home in some time, or if you have electric damage around your home that need to be repaired, call the professionals at EP Electric LLC today!

EP Electric LLC Home Electrical Repairs & Maintenance Philadelphia


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