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Emergency Electricians for Electrical Burning Smell

A burning smell, particularly the odor of burning plastic/rubber, inside of your home is a clear indication of a dangerous electric issue. An electrical burning smell must be addressed immediately by a professional emergency electrician. At the first sign you should carefully inspect your outlets to discover the source of the burn. Once you’ve found the particular outlet carefully unplug any appliances, turn off that area’s electricity from the breaker box then call EP Electric LLC for an emergency electric service. Our highly experienced electricians are on call 24/7 (215-433-5004) for burning smell and other such issues to ensure your home is safe against electric fires.

Residential Electrical Outlets Burning Smell

There are a variety of underlying issues within your home’s electric system that can cause a burning smell to release from the outlets. Problems such as exposed wires, damaged wiring, overloaded circuits, outlets not installed properly and foreign object (or pest) caught in the electrical box are some of the most common we see on emergency calls. For your own protection, do not touch or investigate the outlet any further as you are risking injury due to electrical shock. Our emergency electricians are well prepared and experienced to handle electrical burning smell calls. We will quickly diagnose and repair the underlying issue to ensure the complete protection of your home and family.

Emergency Electrician Services

A burning smell coming from your residential outlets is often accompanied by other electrical issues. Frequently, clients will also experience a shock when touching the outlet, discoloration on the face plate and/or a humming noise. If you have an odor of burnt plastic or rubber coming from your outlets that is accompanied by any of the additional electric issues listed above, call EP Electric LLC right away. With many years of professional training, our electricians have the knowledge and experience to detect the root of the smell and take the proper course of action for repair. Our vans are fully equipped with the tools, materials and equipment needed to diagnose and fix the source of the burnt outlet.

EP Electric LLC is available 24/7 for electrical burning smell repairs and other such emergency service calls including wet electric panel, live wires, power outages and more. We proudly serve the residential & commercial communities within Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Delaware County, Chester County, Montgomery County & Bucks County, PA. Call 215-433-5004 to discuss your electrical services & repairs or upgrade needs with one of our friendly representatives today!


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