Circuit Breaker Restoration

EP Electric LLC Residential Circuit Breaker Restoration Bucks County PA

Residential Circuit Breaker Restoration

The circuit breaker is one of the most important electrical components in your entire household when it comes to protecting your family against injuries and fires. Breakers that are constantly tripping are not only a nuisance, but become a huge burden to daily activities including working from home, cooking, cleaning, exercising and more. If your home’s electric panel is old or continuously malfunctioning, call EP Electric LLC to determine if it is time for a circuit breaker restoration service. Our licensed residential electricians are highly experienced in restoring faulty breakers to ensure the safety and comfort of your family. We’re available for restoration and other electrical repairs throughout Philadelphia, Bucks County, Chester County and the surrounding areas.

Signs you Need Circuit Breaker Restoration

The circuit breaker in your home protects your appliances, heating & cooling system and electronic devices by shutting off or “tripping” when it exceeds a predetermined AMP level. Generally, simply resetting the breaker will resume normal electric activity and there is no need to worry. However, if your breaker is constantly tripping or you’re experiencing hissing & popping noises, it is hot to the touch or emitting a burning smell these are signs it is time for a circuit breaker restoration service. Our electricians have many years of experience overhauling circuit breakers including complete rewiring, 100/200 AMP upgrades, replacing damaged circuits or adding new ones and relocating the entire panel when necessary.

Home Electrical Panel Repair

When your home’s electric breaker is not performing up to even basic standard you are putting your family at risk of an electrical fire. Call our electricians immediately when you notice any issues with your electric system including dimming & flickering lights, outlets not working, burning smell from electric components and malfunctioning appliances. These are all signs of a poor connection that can be linked to your circuit breaker or signs of other issues within the system. EP Electric LLC will arrive in a fully stocked van ready to accurately diagnose and tackle most repairs and restoration services the same day.

Prevention and maintenance are key to identifying and repairing issues within your electrical system before they become dangerous emergency situations. EP Electric LLC is available 24/7 for emergency electrical repairs for burning smell, buzzing noises, electric shock, wet electric panel and more. For questions regarding routine maintenance or scheduling a safety inspection, call our Philadelphia office at 215-433-5004.


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