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Home Electrical Safety Inspection Services

The electricity that powers your home’s televisions, heating/cooling system, gaming devices, stove/oven and much more all runs behind the scenes and goes relatively unnoticed until an outage or damage occurs. Improperly installed wiring, burnt outlets, blown fuses and other such electrical issues can all be warning signs of a larger, more dangerous problem. However, a home electrical safety inspection performed by a licensed and certified electrician can help to identify and prevent safety hazards such as electrocutions and electrical fires. If you’ve recently purchased a home, performed a major renovation, added an appliance or your residence is over 40 years old, call EP Electric LLC today to schedule an electrical safety inspection.

Importance of an Electrical Home Safety Inspection

An inspection of your home’s electrical system allows our electricians to perform a thorough examination of all wiring, systems and components. Our duty is to ensure your home is code compliant, meets the minimum legal safety standard and is up-to-date with all current protocols. The benefits of a home electrical safety inspection are profound for your family and valuables. Not only will our electricians ensure all of your electrical components operate safely, but we can identify electrical mistakes, outdated or degraded wiring and fire/safety hazards. Before a purchase or after the completion of a home renovation the inspection is also necessary for code compliance and insurance purposes. 

Residential Electric Assessment Checklist

The team of electricians at EP Electric LLC are experts at identifying hazards in a residential electrical system. Our safety inspection includes:

-Shock, electrocution & electrical fire hazards
-Testing of smoke & carbon monoxide detectors
-Electrical panel inspection for proper labels, AMPs and functions
-GFCI outlets in kitchen, bathroom, crawl spaces, etc.
-Wiring is up to code and not corroded or degraded
-Issues from past contractors or DIY projects
-Oversized breakers that lead to electrical fires
-Energy assessment to reduce usage/cost
-Proper surge protection
-AMP assessment for future expansion: 100 AMP or 200 AMP upgrades

Upon the completion of your safety inspection we provide a detailed report which outlines any electric components needing immediate attention, as well as improvements and upgrades that should be addressed in the future. Home electrical safety inspections by EP Electric LLC are available throughout Philadelphia, Bucks County, Delaware County, Montgomery County and the surrounding areas. All emergency electrical repairs, new installation services or future upgrades can be completed by our certified and licensed residential electricians.


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