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Electrical Panel Upgrade Philadelphia

The job of your home’s electrical panel is to regulate the electricity and break the circuit if too much energy is overloading the wire. Too much energy on a wire or circuit can cause a fire; your panel is vital to keeping your home and family safe. But, as homes and the electric components begin to age, the electrical panel has difficulty maintaining the increased electrical output from appliances, HVAC systems, TVs and more. If your home’s electrical panel is more than 10 years old, call EP Electric LLC for a maintenance and upgrade inspection. We evaluate Philadelphia residential electrical panels to determine if a repair is sufficient, or if a total upgrade is required.

Residential Electrical Panel Upgrade

There are several key indicators that your home’s electrical panel is in need of an upgrade. The first would be age: if it is more than 25 years old, the entire panel should be replaced with an upgraded, more efficient model. Other signs include crackling noise, corrosion, rust, warm to the touch and appliances not running at full power. Homeowners experiencing any, or several, of these issues with their electrical panel should call EP Electric LLC immediately to discuss upgrade routes. Your old panel can begin to malfunction, overload circuits, trip the breakers and can eventually cause a fire if update options are not pursued.

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Electrical Panel Maintenance Service

In some instances, rather than a full upgrade, an electrical panel maintenance repair service is sufficient to fix any issues within the panel. Our licensed and certified technicians will evaluate your panel, checking for burnt wires, damaged circuits, moisture and more. After the evaluation, we’ll compare the panel to your home’s entire system and electrical demands. Once deemed a repair is all that is necessary, we’ll discuss the details of the project including timeframe, if we need to cut power and pricing. Repairs can range from rewiring to installing additional circuits, relocating the panel and more. These maintenance repairs will keep your electrical panel performing to premium standards for several more years.

EP Electric LLC offers residential electric panel upgrades and repairs throughout Philadelphia and the surrounding areas. If your panel is old, outdated and/or causing electrical issues, an immediate inspection from a professional general electrician is vital to ensure no fuses blow or catch fire. For an evaluation of your electrical panel system, call 215-433-5004 to schedule an appointment.


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