24 Hour Emergency Electric Service

EP Electric LLC 24HR Emergency Electrician in Philadelphia

Emergency Electrician in Philadelphia

We never want our clients to be stuck in a dangerous electrical situation or left without electricity. EP Electric LLC provides 24/7 emergency electrician services for Philadelphia residential and commercial clients. A representative is available to answer your call and dispatch one of our professional electricians to your home or business for an emergency service. An electrician will be sent to you in a fully stocked truck ready to evaluate, diagnose and repair a variety of emergency electrical problems. From blown fuse to electrical burning smell, broken outlet, power outage and general troubleshooting, EP Electric LLC will be on site and ready to repair your emergency electrical issue no matter how big or small.

Philadelphia 24 Hour Emergency Electrician

It can be difficult to know when you need an emergency electrical repair or when it can wait for a service call the next day. In our line of work, EP Electric LLC always recommends to lean on the side of caution as unresolved electric problems can cause fires. Our most common and serious 24 Hour Emergency Electrician calls include:

–          Burning Smell

–          Tripping circuit breaker

–          Buzzing noise

–          Electric shock

–          Wet electric panel

–          Live wires

These types of electrical problems can become disastrous if left unresolved, even just overnight. Call the professional general electrician team at EP Electric LLC to arrive at your home quickly to diagnose the problem. Our electricians will repair your electrical wiring issue and/or restore power as quickly as possible.

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EP Electric LLC Emergency Residential Electrician Philadelphia

Emergency Electrical Repair Services

Our professional certified electricians who handle emergency calls are trained and equipped for a variety of commercial & residential electrical repair services. When you’re stuck without power or experiencing a dangerous electrical problem call our fast and dependable company for an emergency service call. When our electricians arrive, they’ll inspect the building or residence to ensure there is no hazard and it is safe to occupy and work. Once deemed safe, they’ll get to work right away to repair any electrical damage and restore the power so you can get back to your normal life.

Once our electricians have completed the emergency repair job, they’ll recommend calling our office the next day and scheduling a follow up appointment. The secondary inspection will allow our electricians to give your home or building’s wiring and electrical work a closer look without the pressure of an emergency situation. This will allow us to spot any further or lingering damage that would cause you to have to make another emergency call to our electrician company. For 24/7 emergency electric repair in Philadelphia, call EP Electric LLC any time at 215-433-5004 or 610-653-1516.