Commercial Building Electrical Diagnostic

EP Electric LLC Commercial Electrical Diagnostic Inspection Philadelphia

Commercial Electrical Diagnostic Inspection

Whether for an emergency repair, power restoration or general maintenance inspection, the very first step is to perform a commercial electrical diagnostic check. Commercial and industrial buildings are equipped with complex electrical wiring systems, therefore all inspections and repairs must be done by licensed & certified electricians. The team at EP Electric LLC has over a decade of experience troubleshooting and detecting electrical errors within the intricate components and equipment of your building’s electric system. New and old buildings alike are susceptible to issues and electrical faults. If you’ve noticed a new or recurring problem, call EP Electric LLC right away for a complete commercial electrical diagnostic check.

Commercial Electrical Diagnostic, Troubleshooting & Repairs

It is our goal to troubleshoot, identify and repair any of the electrical problems in your commercial building. In older buildings, electrical faults usually develop because of outdated wiring and circuits. While not as common in newer or renovated properties, if the electrical system was not set up correctly from the very beginning problems can occur quickly. Call our commercial electricians if you’re experiencing tripping circuit breaker, dips in power, light switches not working properly and/or sparking electrical outlets. Similarly, we offer 24/7 emergency electric repairs for total loss of power, wet electric panel, live wires and more. Our vans are equipped with the tools, material and equipment needed to quickly diagnose, identify and repair a variety of electrical problems in your commercial building.

Annual Commercial Electrical Safety Assessment

The best way to diagnose issues within your commercial property’s complex electrical system is to schedule an annual safety inspection. This allows our electricians to ensure your building is code compliant, all components are safe & up-to-date and to identify any issues before they become dangerous (and costly). Frequent diagnostic inspections and maintenance allow us to greatly reduce the chance of unexpected emergency electrical issues to occur. Whether it is flickering lights, tripping circuit breakers, heated or burnt switches & more, our commercial electricians can easily diagnose and repair the system. To ensure the safety of your staff and clients, call to schedule your electrical diagnostic & maintenance exam today.

Our team of highly experienced electricians can perform commercial electrical diagnostic inspections throughout Philadelphia County, Bucks County, Delaware County PA and the surrounding areas. As a locally-based, family owned company, we promise excellent customer service, upfront pricing and the highest quality workmanship on all repairs. Call our Philadelphia office today at 215-433-5004 to discuss your electrical diagnostic & repair needs and to schedule your appointment.


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