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Between the snow storms, heavy rain and hurricane-force winds we sometimes experience in the Philadelphia area, you’re bound to lose power in your home at some point. Even if it is only for a few hours, there can be many damaging and costly effects to sustained power outages. From thousands of dollars in lost food to bursting pipes in the winter and the overall inconvenience of living without basic necessities, a backup generator can restore power to your home in just a few minutes! The home generator electricians at EP Electric LLC can expertly install top-of-the-line backup generators to ensure you don’t have to worry about loss of power again!

Generator Electricians Installation Services

There are several brands and types of backup generators, each with their own power output, fueling capabilities and cost. Our professional residential electricians will advise you on the best manufacturer and model to meet your specific electrical requirement needs. Whether you just want to power basic appliances, lights and the refrigerator or you’re looking to get the most power possible, EP Electric LLC has the experience to install all capacities of backup home generators. Our generator installation service includes initial consultation, help acquiring any permits needed, installation of the generator and multiple tests to ensure it is operating correctly. If you currently do not have a generator installed at your home, call EP Electric LLC for portable or whole house generator options that fit your budget.

EP Electric LLC Home Generator Electricians Installation Philadelphia

Generator Electricians: Portable & Standby Wiring

In order for your generator to kick on when you’re experiencing an unexpected power outage it needs to be properly wired to your home’s main electrical panel. The general electricians at EP Electric LLC install the power lines for both standby and portal generators to connect with your electric panel. After the set up and wiring installation are complete, our residential electricians run tests to ensure it is operating properly and that there are no issues with the power connection from the panel to the generator. Call our professional generator electricians for easy installation of quiet, powerful and durable generators from the most trusted brands in the industry.

The master general electricians at EP Electric LLC are here for all of your home electrical repair, installation and maintenance needs. We offer 24 hour emergency service as well as residential power restoration for any electrical issues not related to utility company outages. Proudly serving Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Delaware County, Chester County, Montgomery County & Bucks County, PA. To discuss your home generator needs with our generator electricians or any other residential electrical repair needs, call 215-433-5004!


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