Commercial Electrical Safety Inspection

EP Electric LLC Electrical Safety Inspection Commercial Building Philadelphia

Commercial Building Electrical Safety Inspection

Whether you run a business out of a retail space, commercial building or warehouse, it is your responsibility as an owner to ensure the safety of your employees. An annual commercial electrical safety inspection is imperative to check for damage, outdated electrical components, out of code wiring and fire hazards. It is required that these inspections be done by an experienced and certified commercial electrician. If your building has not yet had its annual electrical inspection, call EP Electric LLC today at 215-433-5004. We’re licensed to serve Philadelphia, Bucks County, Chester County, Delaware County and Montgomery County commercial properties.

Commercial Electrical Safety Inspection Benefits

First and foremost, these inspections allow us to identify any dangerous electrical issues before they lead to shocks or, even worse, building fires. If our electricians find any such hazardous risks, we will recommend an immediate emergency repair service to get your building back to the highest safety standards. Over time, wires, connectors, conduits and other electrical components wear down. These weakened components lead to broken outlets and a degraded electrical system. A commercial electrical safety inspection alerts you of necessary replacements of wiring, outlets, overloaded circuits, panel functions and more. To ensure your electrical system is up to OSHA standards, an annual safety inspection is necessary.

Certified & Licensed Commercial Electricians

Not only should annual inspections be performed by a commercial electrician to ensure your building is safe and up to code, but it is also highly recommended when purchasing a new property. Older buildings are much more susceptible to outdated electrical components and damaged wiring. Before you begin to make any renovations, call EP Electric LLC today for a safety inspection and full report of the repairs needed. Our master electricians can perform all repairs and new installation services for your commercial building including switches & outlets, security systems, panel upgrades and all emergency repairs.

EP Electric LLC has over a decade of experience in both commercial and residential electric repairs, maintenance services and new electrical component installations. We pride ourselves on our customer service, upfront pricing and high quality repairs. When it comes to the safety of your building and employees, you should only trust the best electricians in the industry! All of our jobs are completed by a certified & licensed electrician. Call EP Electric LLC today at 215-433-5004 to schedule your annual commercial property electrical system inspection. 


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