Commercial Electrical Code Violations

EP Electric LLC Commercial Electrical Code Violations Inspection Philadelphia

Commercial Electrical Code Violations Inspections

Homeowners and commercial building owners alike must maintain a safe electrical system to ensure the well-being of both employees and customers. Responsible business owners should have a commercial electrical code violations inspection annually by a licensed commercial electrician. EP Electric LLC stays up-to-date on all of the latest national and state regulations to ensure your building is code compliant. Commercial properties that violate codes will face heavy fines and legal actions including shutting down the facility. Call 215-433-5004 to schedule your yearly commercial building electrical code violations inspection. We proudly serve Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Montgomery County, Bucks County PA and the surrounding areas.

Elimination Electrical Code Violations in Commercial Buildings

When performing an inspection to ensure your electrical system is code compliant, our electricians look at 4 main areas: Wiring, Grounding, Electrical Panel and Overcrowding.

Faulty Wiring: Unfortunately, unprotected wires, improper wiring length and tight wires are all common mistakes we find during a building inspection. If you notice frequent dimming or flickering lights or a burning smell when turning them on, call us immediately to address wiring mistakes before they result in a more dangerous situation. Further, if your building was built before 1987 it may be necessary to perform a rewire to avoid fire hazards.

Grounding Issues: Grounding is necessary to divert excess energy into the ground to reduce the risk of electrocution, fire and damage to appliances. Our professional commercial electricians will inspect the grounding system to ensure there are no loops or multiple paths.

Unorganized Electrical Panels: The electrical panels in your commercial building must be organized and properly labeled to avoid code violations. If there is an electrical hazard in another part of the building you must be able to quickly shut off power to that section. Our electricians will organize a messy electrical panel.

Overcrowding: No more than three wires should be put through a 7/8 inch hole. Overcrowded wires do not have enough room to shift; when they rub against each other they become damaged and can result in an electrical fire if not addressed.

Annual Commercial Property Safety Inspections

As a business owner or manager you are responsible for the safety of all who enter onto your property. Our electricians will perform a thorough inspection of your commercial buildings’ electrical system to ensure it is code compliant. If we find any problems or areas of concern, our commercial electricians can service or repair the problem quickly. Don’t hesitate, call 215-433-5004 to schedule your appointment today!


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