Commercial AMP Upgrade

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Commercial Building AMP Upgrade

An efficient electrical system in your commercial building saves owners time, money and the headaches of dealing with faulty wiring, unsafe conditions and power outages. Upgrading to a higher, more advanced system is beneficial for older buildings and those running on low AMPs. EP Electric LLC provides commercial AMP upgrade service for businesses throughout Philadelphia, Bucks County, Delaware County PA and the surrounding areas. If you’re concerned your energy output cannot keep up with your old, inefficient AMP service panel, call us today to schedule a diagnostic inspection of your property. Our commercial electricians will inspect your current usage to determine if it is time for an AMP upgrade service.

Signs your Commercial Building needs an AMP Upgrade

Many of the commercial buildings in the city of Philadelphia and the surrounding communities were built when electrical demands were much lower than they are in our current, technology-driven society. 60 or 120 AMPs and a couple circuits was plenty to run an entire commercial building before the early 2000s. In our modern world, a small auto body shop requires a minimum of 200 AMPs. Telltale signs you’re ready for commercial AMP upgrade service include flickering lights, especially when turning on a large appliance, as well as breaker tripping and loss of power to certain areas of the building. Besides inconvenient, running a business without sufficient power supply is a safety issue with dangerous consequences including electrical fire.

Benefits of Commercial Electrical Rewiring

Our highly experienced licensed electricians will evaluate the property, current usage, lighting, HVAC, electronics and appliances to get an idea of AMP upgrade needed & detect any amperage issues. We will also take into consideration future growth, added employees, etc. to ensure this service panel upgrade will last for many years. Besides a greater capacity for electricity use throughout the day, benefits include improved safety and reduction of shock/electrical fire. Further, without the worry of tripped circuits & outages, employee production and business revenue will increase! If you’re ready to discuss upgrading your commercial AMP service panel, call EP Electric LLC for reliable work, honest pricing and knowledgeable electricians.

If your current commercial electrical system is malfunctioning in any way, EP Electric LLC and our team of general electricians is here for all of your repair needs! Whether you need new GFCI outlets, security system installation, circuit breaker restoration, an energy audit, electrical safety inspection, new wiring installation and more, you can count on us! Call 215-433-5004 to talk to our friendly and experienced staff member about how we can ensure your business is running at peak electrical efficiency.  


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