Commercial Building Circuit Breaker Restoration

Commercial Electrician Circuit Breaker Restoration

A broken or malfunctioning circuit breaker is a huge issue for owners and property managers. Not only does it slow your business down, halt production and cost the company revenue, but it is also a fire safety hazard. The constant worry about your employees putting in a full day of work without power interruption is enough to drive you crazy. Call EP Electric LLC right away if you’re experiencing constantly tripping breakers, hissing/popping sounds or issues with your electrical system such as flickering lights. These are all signs a commercial circuit breaker restoration service is necessary to repair the electrical issue and ensure the safety of your employees and clients.

Commercial Circuit Breaker Restoration & Repair

Upon arrival to your commercial building, our certified & licensed commercial electricians will perform a complete inspection of the circuit breaker and circuit system. Once we identify the source of the electrical problem, we will carefully take the breaker apart and put it back together properly. Restoration is a very effective way to repair issues with the wiring and circuit system and can usually be completed in just a few hours. However, during our assessment if we find advanced decay then it is necessary to replace switches and receptacles. Our master electricians have many years of experience repairing, replacing & restoring panel box wiring on commercial buildings of all sizes.

Electrical Panel Upgrades

Although we have been able to fix thousands of commercial circuit breakers with a restoration service, panels become obsolete with age and increased power demand. An upgrade is sometimes the more effective & cost efficient method especially for older buildings and to increase your energy efficiency. Our highly trained electricians will weigh the pros & cons of both options for you so you can decide what is best for your business, budget and future expenses. Blown fuses, rust/corrosion, flickering licks or major renovation upgrades are all signs a circuit breaker restoration or upgrade service is necessary in your commercial building.

EP Electric LLC is available for commercial electric panel inspections & emergency circuit breaker repair services in Philadelphia, Delaware County, Chester County & the surrounding areas. Call 215-433-5004 to speak to one of our friendly & knowledgeable team members. They may recommend other services including an energy-efficiency audit and commercial building safety inspection if these electrical exams have not been performed in several years. We’re dedicated to providing the highest in customer satisfaction & workmanship in all areas of commercial building electrical diagnostic, repairs, upgrades and installations.


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