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Residential Electrical Wiring Installation Philadelphia

EP Electric LLC is a locally owned electrician contractor company serving Philadelphia, as well as Philadelphia County, Delaware County, Chester County, Montgomery County and Bucks County, PA. Our company and all staffed employees are fully licensed, insured and bonded to work in Philadelphia. Our licensed and professionally trained electricians offer expert whole house main electrical wiring installation services. Homeowners should never attempt electrical wiring installations as a DIY project. This detailed job takes a vast amount of knowledge and must be executed with immense quality and extreme precision. Call 215-433-5004 to discuss your main residential electrical wiring installation needs with one of our expert staff members.

Main Electrical Wiring Setup

There are several reasons why a homeowner would need a main electrical wiring setup and installation service. The most common reasons are building a custom home, purchasing a brand-new home and a massive gutting/renovating project.  These types of wiring projects are massive and take careful strategizing, planning and executing that can only be done by professional residential electricians. The proper permits and inspections are also required, which we can help the homeowner or contractor obtain, if necessary. Call 215-433-5004 to setup an appointment for one of our electricians to visit the property. He’ll evaluate the layout of the home and determine the best plan of action to get your main electrical wiring setup and working.

EP Electric LLC Main House Electrical Wiring Philadelphia
EP Electric LLC House Electrical Wiring Services Bucks County PA

Residential Electrical Wiring Services

Many factors will contribute to the cost and timeframe of a residential electric wiring project. The more square foot and rooms in the home will add to the amount of wiring, outlets and switches needed. Our highly skilled and professional electricians will handle the wiring setup from the power lines to the main house and establishing the connection to the circuit breaker(s). We’ll also be in direct contact with the utility company to ensure guidelines and requirements are strictly enforced.  EP Electric LLC ensures the highest quality work, handled with extreme precious and accuracy. Your main electrical wiring setup will be executed with extreme care and working without flaw when you move into your dream home.

Homeowners in need of main wiring installation in Philadelphia can trust the experts at EP Electric LLC. Our residential electricians handle the project from start to finish, ensuring every aspect runs smoothly and your home has working electricity as quickly as possible. Call 215-433-5004 to make an appointment for a home inspection today.


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