Residential Amperage Issues

Household Amperage Issues

A common term you’ll hear when discussing repairs or upgrades to your home’s electrical system is “amperage” which measures the total electrical current that can flow continuously in one place and at the same time. Amperage issues occur when too much electricity is transferred across wires than the circuit can manage. This results in overloads, blown fuses and damaged appliances/electronic devices. If your home is experiencing any of the above electrical issues that is a clear indicate of amperage issues that need to be addressed by a residential electrician right away. EP Electric LLC is available to test your current electric output, detected where your issues lie and provide the best route for repair or upgrades.

Troubleshooting Household Amperage Issues

The licensed residential electricians at EP Electric LLC have many years of experience troubleshooting amperage issues. We’ll inspect the circuit breaker, wiring and outlets to ensure they are functioning properly and up-to-date with current safety protocols. Many times, residential amperage issues occur due to faulty wiring, blown fuse or outdated components within the system. If lights dim when turning on certain appliances or you’re experiencing frequent outages, call EP Electric LLC for an AMP troubleshooting service. A troubleshooting service helps us to detect why you’re experiencing overloads and make the necessary repairs, while an AMP upgrade allows you to add more electronics and appliances in your home.

Upgrade the AMP Capacity in your House

Many modern homes can run sufficiently off 100 amps of power. However, 150 or 200 AMP service may be recommend for bigger homes equipped with large HVAC systems and a lot of electrical features. An upgrade to your home’s current AMP capacity is also recommended if you plan on renovating in the near future or you’re running on an old, outdated system. Based on the capacity you’re currently running on, taking into account all amperage issues detected and upgrades in the future, we will help determine the appropriate AMP upgrade for your household. Protect your expensive electronic devices and appliances by running on the appropriate AMP capacity to avoid circuit overloads & power outages.

EP Electric LLC is dedicated to the safety of our clients. If you’re experiencing frequently blown fuses, power outages or flickering lights call our electricians for an electrical safety & troubleshooting inspection. We proudly serve Philadelphia, Delaware County, Montgomery County & the surrounding areas. Call 215-433-5004 to discuss your home’s electrical issues with one of our friendly and knowledgeable staff members.


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