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If your electric bill has been climbing over the last few years even after you remember to shut the lights off in every room, set your thermostat at 72 and only do laundry in off-peak hours, you should consider an energy efficiency audit. A home energy audit by a professional residential electrician will help to pin-point sources of energy loss and cost-effective ways they can be fixed so you can start saving money on your utility bill. The energy efficiency electricians at EP Electric LLC will perform a complete diagnostic inspection on your home’s lighting, heating & cooling system and other large energy demanding appliances. Call to schedule your energy efficiency audit today – don’t wait to start saving money!

Residential Energy Efficiency Audit Checklist

EP Electric LLC has over a decade of experience inspecting and diagnosing the energy use in your home and providing ways to resolve misuse of energy. Our residential energy audit checklist includes inspecting the following:

Air Leaks & Gaps
Heating & Cooling Equipment
Lighting & Light Bulbs
Appliances & Electronics

We’ll use professional equipment to detect specific sources of energy loss including door blowers, infrared cameras, furnace efficiency meters and surface thermometers. Once the energy efficiency audit is complete, our electricians will write up a thorough report to highlight the ways in which you can upgrade or improve electrical components to start saving on your energy bill.

Cost Saving Benefits of Energy Audit

We’ve been providing homeowners in the Greater Philadelphia area with professional and reliable energy audits for over a decade! As a locally based company, we care about helping our clients save money on their utility bills. EP Electric LLC provides competitively, upfront pricing on our audits and all other electrical repairs and installation services. You’ll know the price of our energy efficiency audit from the very beginning so you can make informed decisions about necessary upgrades and repairs upon completion of our review. Other benefits of an audit include: heating & cooling efficiency, become a more energy-conscious home and save money on energy.

Our electricians perform energy audits on homes in Philadelphia, Bucks County, Chester County, Delaware County and Montgomery County. Depending on what we find in your audit we can perform all necessary repairs and upgrades including lighting, new switches & panels, ceiling fan or attic fan installation and more! Call 215-433-5004 to schedule your energy diagnostic appointment today. 


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