Electrician Palmyra NJ

Electrician Palmyra NJ: Family Owned & Operated

EP Electric LLC is a locally, family operated commercial and residential electrician company based in Philadelphia, PA for over 10 years. Recently, we’ve expanded our electrical repair and installation services to Camden County & Burlington County including Palmyra, NJ. Building and maintaining trusting relationships with our clients has allowed us to serve Philadelphia residents for over a decade, we provide to bring this same level of service to our Southern NJ clients. We guarantee exceptional customer service, reliable repairs and upfront pricing. Call 215-433-5004 to discuss hiring one of our licensed electricians for electrical upgrades, repairs or maintenance inspections to your home or commercial property.

24HR Emergency Electrician Palmyra, NJ

Although our office is located in Philadelphia, our emergency electricians are on-call 24/7 to quickly deal with a wide variety of electrical repairs at your Palmyra, NJ home or commercial property. It is well-known that electrical problems are unpredictable, which is why we have customer service representatives and electricians available for fast dispatch and arrival. We’ll arrive in a company-owned van stocked with all the necessary tools, equipment and materials to diagnose and repair a variety of complex electrical failures. From a severe short circuit to loss of power, wire burning or sparking outlets, repairs are done quickly & efficiently. We do not leave until multiple tests have been performed to confirm repairs are complete and all electrical components are safe.

Residential & Commercial Electrical Troubleshooting

If you’re experiencing a frequent malfunction with a particular component of your electrical system it is impossible to pinpoint the exact cause of the problem unless you are an industry professional. Our licensed, highly experienced electricians are equipped with the proper tools and experience to troubleshoot and test your electrical system to pinpoint the cause of failure and come up with an exact repair strategy. If you’ve recently noticed a large increase in your electric bill, switches or outlets are suddenly hot to the touch, dead outlets, frequent power surges or other related electrical issues, call EP Electric LLC for efficient troubleshooting and repairs.

Backed by 10+ years of experience and hundreds of 5-star reviews, you can trust our team of electricians to accurately diagnose and repair even the most complex electrical system failures. For questions or for more information, call 215-433-5004 to discuss upgrades, maintenance or for 24/7 emergency repairs.


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